Emails have been created for nearly every client I’ve worked with. They range from campaign-based to seasonal or product focused. I’ve been held responsible for both the creation of new templates as well as establishing new strategies around email blasts. The following is a collection of emails produced for a few of my clients.


The single best performing email in OWC/MacSales history. The email design was hugely unlike any other email sent by the company and performed exceptionally well during A/B testing. This helped inform future marketing efforts around new product releases.


I was heavily involved in JCPenney’s email program for over 2 years. The variety consisted of: seasonal campaigns, hi-level product branding and general product awareness. Ad units were also created to support larger efforts.


Email designs for Dell’s “8 Days of Deals” campaign and Alienware gaming sytems.


Most of my work on MTV has consisted of online ad units but I did get to participate in MTV2’s rebrand. Simple and fun email campaigns were heavily based on quirky messaging.


Client emails have created for several Chase Programs including, Ultimate Rewards, Freedom and Sapphire.


When performing work for Mason Zimbler, I was able to help Chevron with a few emails.


Although OWC/MacSales have always had a successful email cadence. Shown are just a few examples of opportunities where I’ve been able to assist in providing more structure and more recognized email practices.