JCPenney + ESPN

Nearing football season, T3 was engaged to create brand awareness around men’s clothing at JCPenney. The campaign would be hosted on ESPN’s Fantasy Football website. The direction was to do a spoof on the husband who’s glued to the computer during the season. We partnered with a production studio to shoot a mannequin in various situations to act as a stand-in for the husband who’s likely “vacant” for the duration of the season.

Creative Direction

My role as Art Director was to come up with the look/feel of the campaign, help identify scenarios, review video from the production company, design the site and expandable ad units.

Website Design

The ad units hosted on ESPN would drive traffic to the site. On the actual site, we hosted all episodes of the mannequin, added the ability to forward videos to a friend and highlighted men’s clothing with messaging round football season.

Media Buy

The media buy consisted primarily of expandable ad units. Upon initiating, the banner would expand, play the video and prompt the user to the online experience.

Viral Components

To promote the viral campaign, some of the ad units allowed users to send an apology to their loved ones.

ESPN Placement

The media buy had prime real estate at the top of ESPN’s Fantasy Football homepage.


Bordering on crude at times, we took advantage of the campaign demographic and put the mannequin in many instances as we could think of.