Traditionally, when people think of JCPenney, they don’t think of “big brands”. The purpose of this site was exactly that – to elevate and inform investors that JCPenney is putting it’s fashion foot, forward. The site highlights high-end fashion designers by category and showcases products for each. My role was to design a brochure site that illustrates the brand categories and tells the story of each designer through their biographies, videos and photography. Work was performed at T3.

Micro-Site Design

The site was built partially in flash and had very elegant reveals, wipes and transitions between the sections. Being so photo-heavy, the only challenge was to not “muddy up” the imagery with clumsy navigation.


The scroller at the bottom allowed users to select a specific brand at anytime or the user could follow the path from the homepage and learn more about brand categories within JCPenney. The trail of breadcrumbs at the top allowed the user to backtrack.

Seasonal Refresh

The site was later simplified, refreshed and repurposed for more general messaging about the company’s brands. Each season the entire site would get re-skinned wit the appropriate assets being used in TV and print.