Other World Computing is the leading manufacturer in products and upgrades for Mac users. Their main categories include memory, solid state drives, enclosures and connectivity options. Previously, OWC had loose branding and was both, the name of the manufacturer and the name of the reseller (hosted on macsales.com). Over the last year, my role has been to help establish OWC as it’s own brand. I was responsible for wireframes, design and development of the website.

Website Design

The site features a unique, 100 page design, was built using Bootstrap framework and is fully responsive. The entire project was done on a 45 day timeframe with an upcoming tradeshow driving the launch date. After showing and getting the initial design approved and coded, I was essentially spending half my day designing and the other half coding.


During the wireframe process, I proposed three different ways to navigate to products. Not knowing how fast or where the site was going to go, we initially kept it simple while keeping the others in our back pockets.


The site would make it’s debut at a tradeshow so it was important to have it easily accessible on mobile and tablet.

Category Pages

At launch, there were around 18 products and 3 main categories. At this size, it made sense to give each produce a nice piece of real estate, rather than confining to a tighter, more traditional product grid.

Product Pages

The product landing pages featured large photography to hone in on the detail and quality of each one of the products. Copy was kept to a minimum and to the point, reinforcing key features. The Technical Specifications page got into the nuts and bolts of each product.