Rocket Yard

I’ve always had a passion for logo and icon design. I’ve created dozens of logos for new initiatives and refreshed dated ones for established companies. Additionally, anytime I design a project, icon sets are always part of the process, making them unique to each client. The following illustrates my design process around a logo I created for OWC’s Rocket Yard – Their official blog.

Approved Design

The selected logo served as a brand for OWC’s blog. The “Rocket Yard” stays consistent with OWC’s (Other World Computing’s) space theme they’ve used since the late 80’s.

Initial illustrations

In the beginning stages, I focused specifically on drawing the rockets. I liked the idea of the rocket having a 50’s comic book or old school style. I needed to explore other options as well.

Refined Icons

I gathered a handful of icons that I thought were strong enough to move forward with.

Font Exploration

I like collect a few fonts, type out the title and tagline and see if I have any winning combinations. Sometimes I draw my own font.

Presentation Detail

For each design I'm happy with, I put together a sheet showing a black and white version of the logo on various colored backgrounds. These all get compiled into a final presentation. I don't introduce color into the actual logo until later rounds.

Presented Concepts

Four concepts were shown to client for the first round of review. All are shown.

Style Guide

Following any rounds of review and logo approval, style guides are created, indicating proper logo usage, colors, padding, etc.