Last year, OWC announced this new software for Mac professionals. The software combines any installed solid state drive and hard drive into one fast, efficient drive. It’s designed to store your data on the HDD while running at increased speeds you’d expect from an SSD. I was tasked with the logo and overall branding for the product. The software is currently in development.


Ample amounts of Photoshop time were spent trying to come up with “warps” and starfields to help define the tone or general direction to take the brand. In the end, the assets would be used on packaging, tradeshow booths, online, print, etc.

Note: This project was unique in that I got to break every photoshop rule I’d ever been taught. Filters include but are not limited to lens flare, outer glow, clouds, etc.

Logo Design

The start to the project included the actual logo. It still needed to feel a part of the OWC brand and needed to be shown with and without "drive".


A stand-alone icon for the logo was part of the brief. These were an important part as they would soon be leveraged for use on disk mounts (on desktop) and the system dock.

Disk Mount

Once the software/disk is in use, it would show up on the users desktop, mounted as a drive. The illustrations show some options I explored.

Website Concepts

With the product still being defined, details are minimal. General visual design direction is shown.

Fullsize screens of concept attached.

Additional Logos

As with any logo design, other directions were explored.