Whole Foods

In 2012, Whole Foods partnered with TradeMark Media to design a site for their Newsroom. The site was incredibly content-heavy with press releases, news postings, employee spotlights, photo galleries, etc. Some of the components had to be specific to the entire company whereas others were more regional specific. I was responsible for working in tandem with the UX lead to produce a site that can host the library of information while keeping it easy to update and maintain for the client.

Website Design

The visual design was mine to establish while still adhering to brand guidelines and being mindful of the actual site design at the time. The homepage of the site would highlight the latest news headlines, maintained a standard left-hand navigation and reinforced social media in the top right.


With a site of this scale, there was a record number of templates and modules that had to be established for the CMS. With some of the content being served up company-wide and some of it by region, it was challenging to account for all instances of content that could be present at any given time.


Sections like the Whole Food’s timeline and photo galleries were not only fun to build but I found it rewarding learning about how strongly the company values it’s employees.