Jeff MAllister

Sr. Visual, UI/UX Designer with an Art Director and agency background. Solid advertising, branding and campaign-focused history with current emphasis on experience design.


Well-versed in visual design for online and mobile experiences, campaign identity and branding. Passionate about design and can cater to any industry. Quickly.


Majority of my career has been spent in an agency environment, managing designers and overseeing tasks while taking lead on high-level design initiatives.

Developer (kinda)

I was once a decent front-end developer but now I limit myself to dev collaboration. I understand modern practices and can design for CMS’s, eCommerce and software.

About Me

I’ve spent half my career building strong brand identities for clients around the world, and the other half designing innovative user experiences that bring those identities to life. I feel this combination has made me into an extremely versatile and well-rounded designer, while giving me a deep understanding of how brand personality and visual design work together to engage at every level.

When working as a UI/UX Designer, I’m most excited about anything from user-flows and wireframes through visual design. A typical process for me would often begin with sketches on a whiteboard (or napkin) before moving onto wireframes and design. I work in Fignma and Sketch and I've both, created and contributed to design systems.

As an Art Director, I enjoy working in tandem with copywriters and/or other creatives to build campaigns and design all of it with cohesion. Deliverables could include branding, a website or landing pages, emails, banners and possibly some print collateral.

The last 5+ years, I've been working exclusively on a contract-basis which has allowed me time to support my other passion, Built by Crown. Crown has evolved from being a long-time hobby to my own little start-up where I find, design and update niche market vehicles and motorcycles. While I'm currently an at-home garage builder, I hope to have a shop one day.

In addition to being a gear-head, I enjoy collecting skateboards, mid-century modern design, house renovation and I have a two rescued pit bulls named Coltrane and Brixton. I recently moved to the San Diego area from Austin, TX. I've always wanted to be on the west coast and I'm finally fulfilling that long-time dream.